Friday, January 6, 2012

5 Polka-dotted Cup - 1

This is my first blog Cup and I guess this deserves a separate post :). Thanks IHM.
The name of the post indicates that I hope to win many more cups in the future.

I remembered the peaks because before the journey I casually mentioned to a friend that I am visiting Loan-vala. And everybody had a good laugh at my expense.

I won this cup gracefully (with grace marks) and, as usual, an obsessively proud owner now.

It resembles my real Office coffee cup except this one has red polka dots ;-).

And in the background you can actually see a pink-covered book!

My Coffee Mug


  1. Congratulations!! I had never before seen these peaks from a flight, but have photographed them while driving from Pune to Mumbai many times... I am only guessing that these are the same peaks :)

  2. Love your office cup :) I too had a cup like this on my header when my blog was on blogspot!

  3. @indianhomemaker
    He he.. this cup has been preserved for ages by my mom.. you know mothers and their preservation skills..
    We got free a long time back when we ordered a Pizza from Pizza Corner(guess when Pizza had started as a sensation)

  4. Pretty cups, both of them! :)


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