Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Mumma's holiday homework

In school I used to look forward to the summer holidays. Two months of unlimited time to do anything we want.
- to cycle around the streets aimlessly, to play with choppu with friends (miniature toys made out of wood, stone or plastic), play shuttle cock on the ruggedy road and stare at people crossing the play area because the game has to stop in between, to read mystery novels (Agastha Christie, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Enid Blyton), and go to Delhi to stay with grand-mom for around three weeks.

But there was one constant reminder that the fun time is limited. That at the end of it I (mainly my mom) have to portray that something useful has been learnt while enjoying the break - a concept similar to an extended working lunch I guess - the "Holiday Homework"

During this December holidays I noticed that the tradition continues, with my cousin bringing ten assignment sheets home, one for each subject. She deftly segregated the sheets and handed some to my aunt.

"Amma, you need to get a drawing note for this and like last time mam has specified ten sceneries. Just draw what you want. And look at the history assignment - buy those picture sheets and paste them like a scrap book". I knew my mami was good artist - her home is decorated with some of her paintings. So I asked my cousin, "Does that mean mami draws better and you will get excellent grades?". Not at all. Seems the drawing teacher would just browse through the pages and decorate it with a customary tick mark. All that effort and what you get is a tick mark with some random grade.

The other subjects had some problems to be solved and essays to be written - to some extent acceptable.

But why Holiday homework - what is the need? Are the teachers scared the the child will lose its interest in studies in 2 months or forget something like school ( and teachers) existed?

What does a child learn by drawing 10 pictures? What impression is formed of the system and the teachers when the evaluation is a mockery and children realize this?

Moms out there - Let your experience speak.


  1. hahahah! yet to get into the holiday homework with wait wait...R had writing A to Z for Diwali homework *Rolls eyes*

    I wonder why? Crazy na..

    Amma is or rather was a teacher. She usually didnt give holiday homework because she thought that you relax in holidays and come back re ever on few years with the weird principal was very insistent, Amma would give the usual 'Write an essay on how you plan to or have spent your holidays' Then she would just discuss everyone's essays in the class in a couple of lectures...baas thats it...I think that makes more sense eh?

    R's Mom

  2. I know..... Why do kids have this much holiday homework? My 8 year old niece had to make a model of a building.My sister ended up doing it obivously.This makes no sense, anyhow it's the parents who do the homework!!!!!

  3. @RM - did you also practice the alphabets?;-).. soon you will graduate to practice maths and arts. Even if we had escaped as children there is no escape as moms!

    Your mom should have been a cool teacher and a really caring one.

    @Rahmath: It is every moms education that is tested and continues till the child graduates. Our turn awaits us.

  4. Hi Sam, long posts???????

    1. Hi Rahmath.. been really busy with the prep.. need to write soon.. there are so many thing things going around and so many thoughts.. will soon pen them down:)


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