Tuesday, February 7, 2012

11 The Vegan pull

As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” ~Genius Mathematician, Pythagoras, over two thousand years ago in ancient Greece.

I have discovered this website called Vegan India and love it. It provides information about Vegan food and accessories. Even though I am still a vegetarian, I really appreciate people who have gone Vegan.

Their logic/empathy is kind of pulling me towards it but I feel it might be difficult to follow. I feel guilty every time I have milk after I read this interview and watched some related videos.
This is a great page to look for non-leather accesories.

I already advocate no leather usage, minimal wastage and being green etc. I also feel silk amounts to pure torture. I try to buy products that are least environment damaging and against animal testing. But to be completely vegan is to stop having milk and milk products, silk, pearls et all - anything that causes harm/pain to another being. It seems only human that we follow this.

But there are practical difficulties.
If I tell my mom I dont need Silk sarees for my marriage it would be a huge commotion.
I am getting married into a family of non-vegetarians. It is enough culture-shock to them to see me hogging with my existing food habits:). Reaction if I say 'No' to even milk might not be welcome.

I don't take non-veg food not because of community-affiliation but because I feel for the animals. When I try to reason with someone I can easily pull the empathy string. The same is happening here.Ultimately my decision will not be dependent on how difficult it is follow it or what others think.

I know these are just lame reasons and assurances for continuing the status-quo. As of now, I am sticking to non-leather, against-animal testing products. Ushering in the future, lets see what changes I make.

**Edited to add **
Related Links:
http://ahimsasilks.com/ - Silk made without killing the silk worms. They take around 3 months to deliver and provide a variety of designs and colours.


  1. I have friends who are Vegan...I am a veg now wait I am an eggan :) but then I cant imagine being vegan honestly...I can perhaps give up on Eggs..but milk products...I doubt..

    R's Mom

  2. @RM,
    Yes.. it difficult thinking about not having any milk products.. make me feel a little selfish!

  3. @ Sam,Can I refute this post in my blog? I am not against Vegan ism, I am not against Vegetarianism BUT I am not against non vegetarianism either.

    1. You can go ahead and do it.. But I have not said anywhere that I am against non-veg either. Personally I feel bad and dont take it. Its each ones conscious decision and I have my reason for being a veg.

  4. hmmm you are right, you did not mention so anywhere. maybe I should have been more clear. It's not actually the eating or not eating which affects me. To each his own way has always been my motto. Is it the pythogoran logic or the empathy card normally played that is the problem? Will elaborate someday. Have a great day:)

    Congrats by the way. Wish you a great life ahead.

  5. Thanks Rahmath:)..

    Empathy is also dependent on the individual isn't it? Would love to see your views too.. publish it soon on your blog.

  6. Wonderful post, Sam! It struck a cord!

    I really don't know when silk sarees made its way into Indian weddings, especially, South Indian weddings!! Around 50000 silk worms are killed just for one silk saree! And most people wear those sarees just for few occasions. I feel queasy whenever I see silk, the thought of the worms come to my mind!

    Hmm.. to each his/her own.

  7. Thanks Chandru.. I have still not stopped wearing silk though even though I realise this.. guess it takes some time.

    1. Did you know about this?


  8. @Chandru..
    This is great information.. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    checked out their website.the best part is those worms are allowed to live.. its a win-win.. they also seem to have good designs.. dint know that something like this existed..

    1. You are welcome, Sam! My best wishes for your wedding.


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