Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 Making a stitch on time

As we move on to different stages of life there are changes in people, places and priority. But the common factor in all these is how we relate to people, how we keep in touch, how we interact and how this fills our life.

I read that "Time is nothing but a series of significant incidents that you remember" - hopefully they are worthy - it is not in seconds, or in the minute hand of the watch that you smuggle a look at during a boring class, neither the 4:00 clock appointment. It is that fun ride in the roller-coaster, that basket ball game, that wedding, that tea shop or those flowers at the airport - and all these come out of relationships.

I have looked at what relationships matter to me and frankly not all of them are in a great shape. Atleast for me, I am person who cannot let go of friends that easily. It takes time - you invest a lot, pray things will improve, dont expect anything back but your own peace of mind - the fact that you are doing things right irrespective of the other's reaction.

But there are some relationships in which you are better off not being there - that always cribbing person, the negative comments, the "I" person, the superficial ones who drain your energy - it is better to cut them out and relax.


  1. Aiyo I wrote a comment and it disappeared :(

    Just wanted to say I agree totally agree :)

  2. hey that happened to me too..... the disappearing part.

    Good to see you back Sam and yes I also agree cent percent


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